Welcome to the Appalachian and Ohio Railroad. If this is your first visit to this site, you may want to start with the Layout page and "A&O 1.0," which contains photos of my first O scale layout. That page describes some of my model-railroading philosophies which were fleshed-out in my first venture into O scale. The May '06 MR featured that layout.

After a relocation in 2006, this second, almost twice the sized version of the A&O was planned and begun in January 2008. Known as A&O 2.0 it occupies 3,000 sq', including space under the garage (see Construction page, "Thick Roof"). Many scenes and ideas from A&O 1.0 are being replicated as they were operational favorites. And the design philosophies, especially the " operator-in-the-scene", and "operator/scene isolation" have been greatly enhanced given the increased space.